Club Leaders

Our leaders are caring, compassionate wellness practitioners and people like us who have learned about optimal health by caring for themselves and their families.

My Wellness Club leaders have expertise in specific areas that can support radiant health, like fitness, nutrition, or discovering one's life's purpose. Others are seasoned in leadership development and focus on supporting other Club Leaders in achieving their business goals.

Club leaders are offered a free leadership development program based on the award-winning book Revolutionary Agreements: Twelve Ways to Transform Stress and Struggle Into Freedom and Joy by Marian Head.

Read Seven Steps to Becoming a Successful Club Leader.

Meet a few of our club leaders:

Judith Bonfoey, Tucson, AZ, is a successful businesswoman with a passion for sharing the gift of health and financial freedom that she was given 18 years ago. Email Judith:

Susan Flores-Dow, Orange County, CA, is a specialist in children's well-being. In addition to being a certified hospital baby cuddler, she works with teens in detention centers and supports all ages to have the nutritional sustenance necessary to live a healthy life. E-mail Susan:

Glenn Head is the founder of the club and has been supporting individuals and organizations to realize their potential for more than 30 years. He lives in Boulder, Colorado and Kauai, Hawaii. Call Glenn at 720-353-2345 or E-mail Glenn:

Dr. Gina S. Honeyman, DC, Boulder, CO, an internationally-recognized doctor, author, and public speaker, has been educating and motivating people to live healthier lives for 40 years. Her integrative approach to health care has led her to become a tireless advocate for wholesome nutrition as fundamental for vibrant health.  Please contact her at

Toni Muscatello, RN, BSN, CMT, has served for over 30 years as a wellness consultant from Westminster, CO and is now living in Rockledge, FL. Call Toni at 321-369-9316 or E-mail her:

Valerie Sargent, Newport Beach, CA specializes in motivating and training others. Her passion for helping people be their best led her to seek health and wellness for all, with a goal of fighting sickness and malnutrition in our nation and across the world. E-mail Valerie:

If you are a wellness practitioner who would like to add value to your clients' lives, please contact Glenn Head, 720-353-2345.

In addition to the satisfaction of adding value to your clients' lives, our nutritional supplement supplier also pays a 20% commission on members' purchases to our Club leaders.

Club leaders who are actively engaged in bringing new members and club leaders to My Wellness Club experience fun, fulfillment and financial freedom.  Here’s why:

         FUN – We are positive thinkers and doers.

         FULFILLMENT – What better way to spend our time than by helping others to enjoy radiant health so they, too, can live their dreams?  Plus, every time someone chooses to use our Club’s nutritional supplementation, we are nourishing another needy child.

         FINANCIAL FREEDOM – When Club members choose to add nutritional supplementation to their diets and discover how it supports them in realizing and maintaining radiant health, everyone benefits: the Club member, the child being fed, and the Club leaders who are rewarded personally and financially.

Club leaders are independent associates of Mannatech Incorporated, a supplier of supplements for the club.