Smart Supplementation

The Club uses only "smart" supplements. What do we mean by smart supplementation?

1. Supplements that are whole food and plant-sourced. Your body recognizes, absorbs, and can use whole food supplements to your benefit. It is not smart to buy cheap, synthetic supplements that pass right through your body into the sewer! In fact research shows that synthetic vitamins might actually harm your health.

Learn how to read the labels.

You'll want to find out if your current supplements are synthetic or plant sourced. One test is to pre-heat your oven to 350 degrees and place your supplements in there for 10 minutes (or view our test results). If they brown like the foods you cook then that's a good sign. If they turn black or leak a black oily substance it may be the oil or coal tar found in many synthetic supplements. Unlike 95% of the vitamin/mineral supplements on the market which use synthetics, our supplier uses real food.

2.  Satisfaction guaranteed. Our supplier offers one of the best satisfaction guarantees in the supplement industry. You may try any products for up to six months risk free. If you’re not completely satisfied, they will provide a 100% refund by following their easy refund process. 

3. Research-based, developed over 17 years of testing and backed by scientific studies conducted by major universities. It is not smart to buy from companies that put the latest fad ingredients into their supplements in order to sell them. In fact, more of one ingredient can make other ingredients in the same supplements ineffective — or worse. Our nutritional supplier's evidence-based, plant-sourced, whole food products hold 65 patents and are enjoyed by people in 21 countries around the world.

4. Supplements produced with Good Manufacturing Practices ensuring consistent quality from container to container, pill to pill. When you get great results once, you want to be sure you keep them coming!

5. Third party (NSF) certification that assures that every supplement in every container has all the ingredients listed on the label, and nothing more. We recommend nutrition that goes through the rigorous, repeat testing that results in NSF Certification.

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6.  Bigger Mission. Every month you choose to nourish yourself with the Club's supplements, you trigger a donation of a month’s supply of nutrients to a malnourished child — at no additional cost to you. Our supplement supplier has a mission to nourish 5 million malnourished children. Imagine the impact you could make if you were to invite your friends, colleagues, worship community, and family to join the Club.

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